Project Analysis

Analysis of cryptocurrency users who will adopt your project

Great Content For Project

Creating content about your blockchain project for advertising and marketing (Content, videos, news, reviews, event)


Creating a community and adopting your cryptocurrecy


Community Management - We offer 24/7 Community Management by native or near-native English, Turkish speakers. We'll be able to manage this so you can focus on building the project. Content Development - We have a team of talented marketers and copywriters. We offer strategic advice, content creation and wide distribution.

Social Media Marketing

PR & Influencers - We have networks and connections that allow us to reach out and work with major media outlets and influencers within the crypto space. Branding - We’re partnered with one of the top creative teams in İstanbul that can help take your branding and creative direction to the next level.

Contents for your project

Dev Community Building - We’ve assembled a team with close connections to many developer communities and have helped to build dev ecosystems for several major infrastructure projects. Growth Marketing - With our strong presence in major crypto groups across all primary social channels, we can influence and distribute content effectively to get eyeballs on your project.


A better website content a better marketing

Team consists of the best creators in Turkey

We operate the best news website in Turkey. Our interaction area is very wide.The best local youtube phenomena, the best telegram groups, universities, Twitter phenomena, news websites


4 steps to build a successful digital marketing system

We post articles, content, promotional articles, news, youtube videos for 1 month for people to adopt your project.We are setting up your social media accounts. We share content and increase your followers. We grow your interaction area by building local communities


Research Projects


Find new Ideas


Start Optimize


Reach Targets

We are KRYPTONE Number #1 Digital company


What will go with KRYPTONE

We are the best advertising and marketing organization in the blockchain industry. The work we do is proof of that

Market Research

Market research and targets

Social media plan

Content on social media

Digital marketing

Mail marketing, Telegram groups, Twitter

Content Marketing

Advertisements, articles, news, youtube videos, reviews

Ready to grow

Let's do research for your project quote today

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Let’s get started with our basic

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Perfect Analysis

We have the best research tools in Turkey

Expert Team Member

Everyone in our team are experts in their field


We have achieved all our goals so far

Work Dedication​

We are excited to do our job. We do this passionately

Time Management

Compliance with the scheduled time

24/7 Support

You can always contact us. Our team is ready 24/7

Increase your client for better position of Business

What we will do for you

First we will start by doing a market research.Later, articles for people to recognize and understand your project, articles to promote the project, current news about your project, local phenomena and youtube videos.This way, your project will be embraced by almost everyone in Turkey

  • Market research
  • Advertising Marketing
  • Creating and Publishing Content
  • Goal Analysis

Content, Ads, CommunitiesKRYPTONE

We manage the top best news website on Google searches.Other news websites are in our interaction area. He publishes all our news and articles.We deal with the best news website in 5 of them in Turkey. We collaborate with the most watched youtube channel blockchain phenomena.We interact with all the influencers on Twitter

Content Reading Rate

Watching youtube videos

Rate we can reach in the market

Great Content

We are producing the best content in Turkey. We have the best article writers, we produce the most watched youtube videos

We are constantly publishing news about you.

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Twice profit than before you ever got in business

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