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Kryptone Media is a team of community developers, marketers, creatives, writers, and growth experts. Together, we bring you a complete community development offering. As a result, we’ve assembled a global team of 8+ crypto natives who understand blockchain technology and how the space has evolved over the last two years. Every one of us has skin in the game.

We have worked with many blockchain companies so far. The advertising campaigns we make, the content we create, the meetings we make are webinars, youtube videos. All reached the desired goal.

All our customers are happy to work with us. Because we do what we do passionately.unorthographic life One day however. Everyone on our team has been actively working in the blockchain industry for a long time.The person with the shortest blockchain industry experience has been in this industry for at least 4 years.So you can easily deliver your project to us.You can be sure that we will do the best for you.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to support projects that are well established in the blockchain industry. If you have a project that we believe, we will support you. If your project does not solve a problem or is a worthless project, we cannot work with you. We have to believe this while doing our job. If we don’t believe in your project, this would be a problem for us. We cannot accept advertising offers for every blockchain project. We are picky about this.

  • Market research
  • Advertising Marketing
  • Creating and Publishing Content
  • Goal Analysis


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Hasan Açıkgöz

Community and Event Expert

Umut Can

Content Expert

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