Let's create communities and organize events for your Blockchain Project

Let's create Communities for your project. Let's organize meetings and events or webinar

We offer 24/7 Community Management by native or near-native English speakers. We’ve met these people through our network in the crypto community, so they know a lot about both blockchain and ICOs. We’ll be able to manage this completely so you can focus on building the project.
We’ve assembled a team with close connections to many developer communities and have helped to build dev ecosystems for several major infrastructure projects. For many projects, developers are the lifeblood of growth.


  • Market Research
  • Project Presentation
  • Building and Growing a Community
  • Organizing Meetings, Events, Webinars


A great community means trust


Meetings are a great way to reach people


We have our meetings as webinars because of coronavirus

Telegram Groups

68% of the Turkey population use Telegram application. Every project in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry has local groups. If you don’t have local groups yet, we can set up a community for you.In these groups, you can share your news, articles and project announcements.You can chat with people about your project in these groups.


Telegram Users


Great Community

All you have to do is ask us to set up a group for you. It's that easy. We will do everything else. We will build a large community by inviting real users to your group. We will then be able to deliver the group to you. If you want, we can stay in the group as a manager. This is your choice.You can be sure that everyone in the group is interested in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

You can then do meetings, events, announcements and much more with this group.A strong and large community is key to your project adoption. Users can trust you if you have a large community.

We Created and Managed Telegram Groups

Reserve Protocol Blockchain

There are 700 people in the group

6 Months

İzichain Blockchain

There are 2800 people in the group

8 months


There are 1100 people in the group

6 months

Free Ton

There are 320 people in the group

1 Months

Æternity Blockchain

There are 480 people in the group

2 Months

SinovateChain Blockchain

There are 1985 people in the group

7 Months

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