Increase your news for better adoption of Blockchain Project

Reaching people in the blockchain industry is the most important thing. So how do we do this

We have a team of talented marketers and copywriters. They’ve worked for many ICO projects and crypto publications, and between the team, we know the content that your community wants. We offer strategic advice, content creation and most importantly, wide distribution
Everyone interested in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry follows the news closely. So how much do you take place in the media? Can you deliver the news, articles and announcements related to your project to your users? If you don’t have enough interaction space for this, we can help you.

  • Collecting İnformation About the Project
  • Creating Content ( article, news, review, video, infographic )
  • Publish On All News Web Sites
  • Gather Feedback From Reader

Collecting İnformation

We do research to have enough information about your project.

Content Preparation

We prepare articles, reviews, news with the information we collect


We manage the biggest cryptocurrency news website locally. The news that comes after us in the ranking is also in our interaction area. Publish on 5-6 news sites at the same time

Quality Content

The news, content, reviews and articles we have prepared as Kryptone get great interaction. We can reach anyone who follows the blockchain industry. We operate in the rankings for the first news website in Turkey. Other websites are also in our interaction area. We have listed these websites below




Quality News Article Content

If you want adoption for your project, the main way is to be the subject of news.It is important how much you are in the news. Only in this way can people be aware of your project. If you want to extend your project to large audiences and users, we can help you.

All you have to do is tell us what you want to stand out. We have a team of experts in content preparation. We do research and handle tips before we prepare our content. In this way, we can create great content. If you want to be in the media, contact us.

News Websites İnteraction

We have the best news website in the field of crypto money and blockchain.
Other websites in our interaction area .Very popular news website in Turkey
Another news website that shares our news and interacts

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